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I was full of youthful spirit of a new generation of constantly joining proud,
Be conscientious and do one’s best for the Bao Yu employees loyal dedication and pride
Bao Yu is a collective, is a team, it is a constant struggle and pioneering,
Bao Yu brilliant tomorrow, people need to work diligently to the achievements of the Bao Yu 
Bao Yu future of all people
Let us for Bao Yu better tomorrow and work hard!
Whether in the Bao Yu in the process of development and growth, or in Oshima ’s grand goal, what we need most is the talent.

The company’s core philosophy is" beyond endless", is beyond the success of the company to promote a model of self-break,the per capita have blue sky culture. Bao Yu provided to employees is not just a job, it is a play to strengths,show their stage. Company value is the basis for realization of personal value, the company will for each employee to provide space for development.

Talent is the first resource of the enterprise, whether senior managers, middle managers, or fight in the production, sales, research, service line of Bao Yu staff, are equally Oshima continue to grow, development expands indispensable talents. We dare to assume responsibility, we are appreciated for the ideal working people, we hope that our employees are genuine love their work, work, enjoy the work, become the masters of the work.We hope that more people pay attention to the development of Bao Yu Bao Yu, joined the cause!